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Doghouse sport fishing is one of the top boats for outer banks fishing charters out of the Oregon inlet. The Doghouse is a 61 foot, custom Carolina boat. My wife and I were the contractors, and we have included some pictures of the boat being built. It was a 17 month labor of love. We built the boat to be an inspected vessel, which means we can carry more than the standard 6 passengers. Our boat is inspected to carry 24 passengers. We do not operate as a head boat, which means that we do not charge per person. The boat is yours for the duration of your charter. She is a United States Coast Guard Inspected Vessel. We are certified to carry 24 passengers and with a 17 foot cockpit and a 17 foot salon, we have ample room for everyone.

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For deep sea fishing outer banks the boat has all the amenities of home. It is very spacious, and has ample room for our large groups. We have two central heat, and air condition units which keep you warm, or cold, depending on the season you fish with us. We have plenty of seating in the cockpit, on the bridge, and in the salon. The head (bathroom) is spacious, and has hot and cold running water, and a shower. All the trim, bartops, and seat backs are hand-picked mahogany. In a nutshell, the boat is one of the cleanest, most comfortable, rides your hard-earned dollars can charter. The boat is big, extremely well-built, and has all of the comforts of home. The boat has twin motors, the latest in technology, and the best tackle money can buy. Corporate groups, large family groups, wedding parties, and groups of friends all utilize the services we provide. Come join us for a great day of outer banks charter fishing.

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  • 15 hours ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    Anthony couldn't make his reunion trip, but the guys had a great day. Walking the tightrope between bites, and shark attacks. Whew. I can't imagine what fishing would be like, were it not for mismanagement. Sharks eating the vast majority of your catch should not be a concern.
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  • 2 days ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    Dave Earhart, and the crew came fishing with us, again, this week. The stayed in the Bunkhouse, and had a long 3 minute commute to the boat. We tried to stay away from the sharks, and it shows. Lots of tuna, but more sharks. Crazy.
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  • 3 days ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    Johnnie O, and Big Billy Bass made a cameo appearance this week. If you have an historical home that needs renovating, this is the team to do it. Always a pleasure.
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    2 days ago Jay Holloway
    Thanks for a great day on the water! We had a blast.
    2 days ago Derrick Green
    What up Johnnie O, Hope the sharks didn't get a bite out of your catch.
    3 days ago Nick Lane
    Good lookin day there Capt
  • 4 days ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    A bittersweet week. Baby girl had her year anniversary of radiation completion tests, and all is well! Imaging, blood work, and testing eats up a day, and builds apprehension on baby girl's part, but I have had a Peace about it. When He gives you Peace, you have it all. The great news was tempered by the reality that baby girl had the toughest decision of her life. Her main man, Doc, fell ill, and short of a miracle, nothing of the human sort could save him. An extremely rare condition affected her horse, and we wasted no effort to help him. After 4 days at NC State vetinary hospital, the prognosis for recovery was bleak, and Doc was beginning to suffer, resulting in the decision to put him down. An agonizing decision. This horse, with a heart the size of Texas, helped baby girl in her prognosis, and subsequent healing ,from a cancer diagnosis. Feeling good, or horrible, Doc was always ready, and willing, to brighten her day. Doc was scheduled to be anesthetized before baby girl came into the picture. The property of a drug addicted owner, he was sour to people, and trusted no one; until baby girl saw something in him nobody else did. She restored his faith in people, and under the tutelage of a horse-savvy man, the two of them went on to qualify for Worlds, in barrel racing, three straight years in a row. A true testimony of trust, and perseverance. You're running home, now, Doc. Thank you for what you meant to us, but especially that girl that loved you so good. Rest easy, buddy.
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    4 days ago Dwight Cherrix
    4 days ago Tracey Smith Crowder
    I'm so sorry for your great loss ~ Praying for peace and comfort in the days ahead.
    4 days ago Jessica Grosklos Stumph
    Thoughts and prayers for your entire family during this sad time on the loss of beautiful Doc.
    4 days ago Heather Morgan
    That is a beautiful story. Great idea for a book to encourage children with cancer. Praying for peace and blessings.
    4 days ago Sarah Freeman Welsh
    How heartbreaking!!! It's so hard to lose something so important to you. I've ridden horses for many years. I have had animals in my life that got me through some incredibly hard times - loss of family members, lonely heart breaking times - and they are always there to brighten your day, they are happy to see you, like you are the only person that exists. She just has to remember she gave him a great life, and she will forever have those memories! RIP Doc!
    4 days ago Harry E Ward Jr
    Congratulations to your daughter,God is good.
    4 days ago Bill Hinkle
    Britton. So sorry to hear that. Count those blessings you have. And praise Him even with the tough times.
    4 days ago Daniel Cambria
    RIP Doc
    4 days ago JeremyandKimberley Tweedie
    What a testament to what love can do for the heart and soul, beautifully written!
    4 days ago James Hasty
    Love and Prayers cont'd
  • 5 days ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    Happy birthday to me. My crowd loves a birthday.
    5 days ago Bobby Papai
    Happy birthday Sir. Enjoy n be safe
    5 days ago Chris Ann Stoutamyer Jackson
    Happy Birthday!
    5 days ago Dusty Freeman
    Happy birthday.
    5 days ago Angie Lane
    Happy Birthday
    5 days ago Paul Holzheimer
    Happy b-day cap!
    5 days ago Joanne Winebarger
    Happy birthday
    5 days ago Myra Carter Bashinski
    Happy birthday Captain Britton Shackelford! Looks like you are having fun! Wishing you many years of slobs & calm seas!
    5 days ago Joanne Smith
    Happy Birthday!
    5 days ago Steve Smelcer
    Happy Birthday!!!
    5 days ago Jessica Houston
    Happy birthday!
  • 1 week ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    Happy birthday, Bob Smoot. A night in the Bunkhouse, and a great fishing trip. What more could you want for your birthday?
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